Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Armenian Wedding Beliefs

The Armenians have many beautiful wedding traditions that come from the history and some of them have religious roots. One is St. Sargis’ day, the equivalent of famous St. Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated in February. St. Sargis is the patron of all loving couples. On St. Sargis’ Day single young women eat very salty pancakes and can't drink water afterwards. They go to sleep thirsty, and it is believed that the man who will give the young woman a cup of water in her dream will be her future husband. The Armenians also make a pastry called "pokhindz" and leave it in their yards at St. Sargis’ night. If the footstep of the saint’s horse is signed on the pastry the year will be successful.

Another widely accepted religious celebration is “Trndez” or “Tearnendaraj” which means Let God be with you. The Armenian apostolic church celebrates it in the second Saturday of February. In the evening people make fires in their yards. New married or just engaged couples should jump over the fire 7 times: it is believed to bring happiness and cast away all the evil. Also people prepare a lot of roast wheat or "aghandz" on that day as a sign of prosperity and richness.

Armenians also have interesting beliefs related to wedding days. For example, it is a bad sign if two brides meet each other on their wedding days. Or Armenians never get married in May as it is believed to bring grief.


Anonymous said...

Armenians also believed that when it rains on wedding day the couple will be wealthy!

Veronika Azatyan, Vahe Arsenyan, Armen Danielyan said...

Guys! writing about all those traditions is very important in order not to forget our roots !))

good luck )

Vanik said...

Hey Guys,

Thx for the comment

Your blog is a professional looking one, gr8 job, and happy hollidays

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